Chanyeol be creepin’ on you…

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Q: If you have a girlfriend, where would you take her?
Chanyeol: EXO planet
Kris: Galaxy

Krisyeol Overdose teaser colouring requested by anon.


[FANACC] 140413 Krisyeol at EXO Greeting Party “Hello” in Japan

  • Before Chanyeol and Suho started, everyone cheered for them, AND THEN WHEN ALL WAS SILENT Kris suddenly went “Chanyeol!!”

cr: [X-Tbaby]

  • Everyone was going “Chanyeol!” “Suho!” “Chanyeol!” Suho!” …in the end Kris picked up his microphone and went “Chanyeol”
  • Kris was drinking water, Yeol wanted to drink too so he touched the bottle but Kris didn’t let go. In the end Kris gave it to him!

cr: [大榕榕Yeol]

  • Kris and Chanyeol whispering together. And seemed about to bite the ear.

cr: jonqhyeon 

  • Chanyeol used his lightstick to comb his hair only because Kris did it first and he wanted to follow LOL!

cr: [鹿十八想娶缇娜回家, exo_mi]

  • Chanyeol put his leg on Kris’s leg, just like what he did last time at Taiwan airport!! 
  • Kris and Chanyeol whispering in each others’ ears while Tao is playing against Kai 
  • Everyone was going back to main stage, Chanyeol almost walked in the wrong direction, but Kris grabbed him promptly

cr: [AuniqueMeetforNever_汐]

  • Everyone was talking to the fans but Kris and Chanyeol were facing each other and wiping their sweat 
  • Krisyeol were playing together during 365 
  • When Kai and Tao were playing, Kris and Chanyeol were whispering into each others’ ears 
  • After Chanyeol was done drinking water, Kris just took the same bottle from him and continued drinking from it. 
  • When Chanyeol was talking, Kris placed his lightstick next to Chanyeol’s face, Chanyeol looked really cute 
  • After Kris lost, Chanyeol went to pat his thigh. Later when Kris’s earpiece wire was coming out, Chanyeol went to fix it. 
  • When Chanyeol stood up to go against Suho, Kris patted his lower back / butt
  • Chanyeol spilt water on his hand accidentally and he just wiped his hand on Kris’s sleeve 
  • Kris really liked the lightstick, he kept holding it in his hands. When Chanyeol was talking, Kris dropped it and quickly said sorry. At this point, Chanyeol looked at Kris before continuing to talk.

cr: [Theropanda_]

Cr: @douchezhang

Krisyeol supporting to each other  o(≧∇≦o)

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Krisyeol hugging and pretend to fight on stage (OvO)

Chanyeol 뽀뽀 Kris ♥