May be in another universe,
we would be together.
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It's all about krisyeol.
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have you ever thought of hiring another admin?? because sometimes you go on really long breaks. just a suggestion though and you can do whatever you want ^^

i kinda prefer this blog casual and personal i guess? lol and “hiring” people would make it like some kind of serious stuffs so i’d rather not ; 3; but thanks for suggesting anyway anon~!

and i just go on breaks cus, though it’s been a while, i still can’t look at krisyeol without getting emotional so yeah. i’m sorryyyy TT TT

4/10 of my top ten krisyeol moments

the day kris was behind 121130
cute lil shit part 7.

When he meets Park Chanyeol for the first time, he’s a mess of ratty hair, curves, and guitar picks with dreams of supernovas. And he thinks if shooting stars fell like rain, he’d gladly catch dear Chanyeol on the tip of his tongue.


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Happy 16th birthday to chany2ol~


Yifan waiting for Chanyeol outside the hotel in Berlin and then going out together


Chanyeol is a coffee shop musician. There’s just one thing very special about him. He’s mute. Kris is a published writer. There’s also something special about him. He’s deaf.

Chanyeol has never found a reason so dire to speak again. But he needs to tell Kris three words. Kris has never found a reason so dire to hear again. But he thinks he needs to hear Chanyeol mutter three words.

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Call you mine.
Kris x Chanyeol (0:08).

74/100 photo of KRIS x CHANYEOL

3/10 of my top ten krisyeol moments

the day chanyeol and wufan were flirting on happy camp
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